Vacuum Chucking Project Plan

Detailed plans show all of the materials and details to build a vacuum chucking fixture and dust free sanding table

vacuum chuck sanding table (pdf)


Project of the Week Vacuum Chucking

Check out our latest video which show you how to use materials already around your shop to us vacuum pressure to secure your work piece to your work bench for sanding or whatever you need to get done.


These documents provide design plans for the Barbeque Platter and the associated fixtures. Note the fixtures may be used for routing any wood to a desired thickness as well.





Project of the Week Making a Bareque Platter with a Router

 Check out our latest video for a great summer project idea. The project we cover makes a great gift and it can be made from inexpensive materials and basic DIY equipment. This is also a great project for the summer craft fair circuit if you are looking for an inexpensive item you can batch a lot out and have ready to sell at your next craft show. Also don't forget anyone who subscribes to our channel is entered into our June 2019 giveaway 

Project of the Week New Pen Review

Check out this great video of a new pen kit made from Stainless Steel.  This robust pen kit looks like a reliable and durable kit and a great kit for new pen turners.  This video also has the details for our first Give Away.  Check it out and find out how to win the kit made during the video.

Quick and Easy Cutting Board

Check out this great video, that was made with the following materials and equipment.

Reduce Shop Vac Noise

Check out this great video that will show anyone who uses a shop vac how to reduce the noise by 50%.